Take a step aside–and try to fathom this.

Some researchers at MIT and instructor(s) at Princeton and others, are involved in one-on-one’s hoped efforts to kill a 21st Century concept, beyond post-modern understanding of idea quanta, that personalizes subparticle specks, in Universal consciousness thus identifiable as ontologically valid in metaphysics with high, constructive Chi energy, previously thought to be angels, or faeries in form, and in continuity of past, present, and future–perhaps Big Bang energy combined with human, valid ontology in physics, and metaphysics yielding continuity of human generations.

Using nano straw placed in the ear, the effort is less identification with this rich Big Bang, Chi energy source for a more 20th Century, dismal-and-despair approach of Soviet science, and jew religion, lacking mystical qualities that can aid particle physics in understanding the animating principles of spirit in relations with subparticle specks.

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

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