Are we there? Have we arrived? Is our leadership too bold and crass!!

Leadership advocating heinous acts of torture to placate Aryan tendencies of leadership promoting killing and observing the dead in action.

Or, was this what Nazis really did at “The Cabaret!” And the sex was necromancy.
Abraham Boulder, adherent to the King of the Universe, with U.S. Federal Code: King’s Law. He is ultimate Judge and jury. Such heinous acts watched on illegal cable are completely unacceptable. If no shame, we are after all adults, Law needs to comply with a moral code to exist, continue to exist, and die naturally, providing Charity in the U.S. as well as in 2nd and 3rd world nations! And to keep legal entity status to all constituents, and maintenance of their constitutional rights! May God have mercy on our souls, Statue of Liberty continue to bring immigrants to our shores!
Abraham Boulder.

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