Please reconsider.

The level by which the Faustian equation is used in command decisions by patients with severe neurological damage is striking.

Behavioral science plays a key role in the decision-making process (of a constructive, or destructive decision) on the basis of longevity and agility.

The Tao manipulates with superior destructive tendencies appearing prominent in neurological enhancement, although at a cost, of losing the war.

Better assessments of the situation can encourage superior development of constructive command decisions that win the war, and that holds on to genuine love felt by drinking from the Holy Grail.

No war wins that ends the human species–that is a neutralizing position. War entails destruction and death creation, but wins with population prevalence, when battles are over.

An enemy does not necessarily fight for the civilians of its populations’ survival. Rape by the winner may bring new progeny.

A sacrificial holocaust of both populations leaves few to rebuild, and a severe loss to either side after their win.

Restrategizing the value of human life may find alternative solutions to replacement of a human populations by AI brains made of fecal matter on a popsicle stick.

Divergent BrainThink is key. Thinking outside the box, of vaporization-and- radiation glory of human deaths, involves multiple strategies highlighting a future, that goes, a long way, towards continuing the human species.

Abraham Boulder

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