professor of philosophy, department of the registrar

I have a urgent need to discuss a course of master’s and doctorate degree steming from motivation generated by the duality ethically asserted in my competition’s arguments leading to, what was deconstructionist, and on a mission of creating, chaos; to what now has recycled itself philosophically as: putrefecation and plague (Black Plague, WWII, beyond post-modern China, Russia, Korea, Japan deaths due to sanitation problems, fundamental and essentially not addressed, and physical remains not hygienically disposed of correctly; lack of clean, fresh water and clean, washed food as human basics for any worker employed by major corporations; advocating applied entrepreneurial economics for these essentials (toilets for personal hygiene, plumbing, running water and waste treatments structures and partial-building occupancy structures for clean water and human waste treatments at levels correctly determined for public health), yielding billions of U.S. real dollars (2008) for the aggressive, ethical business that caters to the Asian governments’ needs for their inhabutants, and does not sell what is not wanted, or at uncompetitive prices.

The physics in tools, infrastructure, and treatment facilities needs to follow from ethical consideration of priorities bewitched by rip-offs of basic human needs, and focusing on rearing that threatens another black plague while engaging church within state that clearly is unconstitutional. Satan’s church reared and in the State.
It is my interest and hoped for future argument for human essentials of workers of major corporations, subsidiaries, and contractors.

Major cities, for lack of a better word, have become major shit holes. I wish to provide the philosophical memes to stop the heresies that the lama, sewer rat is the evolutionary winner against the human race, and to cajole behavioral scientific results for our 2 million-year mamallian endoskeletal forms’ superiority against the lizard-snake, and in our future, beginning now.
Faculties have taken Nietzche’s work and genocided mutiples of God, in order to conquer harm and destruction, by eliminating the good.

Then they proceeded to hold reverent a King lama as speaker-of-good, in order to hold steady our educated forms for a lizard-snake cutting each and every one of the human race, to henceforth, be gulped down and murdered intentionally, premeditated.

I fear my intellect, I have served in life-long studies will suffer during my continued junior and sophomore years.

As I said my interest lies in philosophical debate rendered Q.E.D.–that such debate can hold command a nation and supporters as a slap in the face to wake up to what is essential to the human organism, and refute the heresies of well reasoned harm and destruction that proliferate the university campuses for dystopic utopia.

Abraham Boulder

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