Report on what you see from both levels.

“Something knows, I don’t know.” Feelings of affective intelligence of a human manipulated by a lizard-snake capable of such manipulations in contact-communication of affective “intellect” intelligence on an unconscious collective setting, unaware what “knows” my location downstairs as it slides about upstairs and marvels at the rhythm of my tapping this report, attempting to burn my genitals or my heart with their saliva, and munching with another one of it’s kind–lizard-snake that is, each other.

They seem oppressed and get annoyed easy for being trained to harm when I think their preference is to kill when hungry and only for food.

Not that they don’t kill for fun, and they do–humans specifically, but that is known by those who watch the illegal channels, and, at this moment see my landlord’s sister I believe attempting to murder me while she is inquisitive as to whether she herself wants to die having her husband and brother, and good friend decide to commit suicide an hour ago–or so it seems, story does tell! Actuality always needs to be confirmed or denied.

–Keven. Abraham Boulder.

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