Can we have an Amen to private initiatives, private universes and wide horizons of continual profit taking, for 300-500 years, making allowance for redemption assets with actual confidence in receiving your returns in: two, 5, 15, and 50-year interims (I say, “two.”) Selah.

“We forget at our peril the demagogues of the past: the fascists, communists, and their ilk who claimed privileged insight into the majority’s interest but ended up crushing the individual,” Roth said. “When populists treat rights as obstacles to their vision of the majority will, it is only a matter of time before they turn on those who disagree with their agenda.”

-Human Rights Watch


Let’s get the 300-year bonds instruments rolling. Let’s create trillions of dollars hedge funds–the only investment betting that makes assurances that if we stabilize equilibria of exoplanet Earth, trillions dollars returns is yours for the keeping in hedge funds betting on solving our problems for progeny, and before, every step of the way.

Let’s use a value index, y > -1; z = 0; x < +1

Where y = -1, Is a nuclear winter.

Let’s decriminalize destructive Earth Sciences action and account for the doings that “do us in.” Use -1 < y < 0 to account for human behavior so the data is scientifically objective, and the damage done is accounted for, as-it-happens, in real-time.

Let’s end whitewash and hypocrisy, focusing correct behavior on Earth sciences, constructive results that do away with right or wrong passion plays, and good and bad pendantic rule.

Let’s create subsidiaries by major corporations that funnel economic disincentives calculated by the above value index for the parent company’s destructive Earth sciences doings, into competitive subsidiaries, becoming bonus, economic incentives transferred from the parent company to competitive, correctly constructive in Earth sciences subsidiaries–whose relevance magnifies when the old economy goes into hyperdrive and the parent companies fail.

Let’s build credit in our banks for solvent companies that make 50-year projections of steady, big profits and make community involvement in exoplanet affairs to ensure and insure businesses make the effort necessary to return exoplanet Earth to equilibria.

And Damn it! If enough profits don’t come from market prices and economic incentives, bonuses can be justified and accounted for by the Fed, in cooperation with the Treasury Department–in utilizing the Fort Knox gold as bonuses justified re: motivation and economic momentum. for a new strong economy that builds the momentum of profit for individual private use.

Yes! We can. Yes! We will. Don’t count on being some billions of cells and trillions of flora biome. We have a central nervous system, and only for one heart.

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

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