Take a breather.

Unconditional acceptance, although I may err in my estimation of who I am, includes healthy self-worth, and a prayer for avoiding trauma causers; and Self-love, the God be great with a prayer or two so that we amplify His better disposition for getting along, getting needs fulfilled, finding your limits, integrating constitutional integrity without being a dead Mason.

It’s this dead Mason thing, that irks me. I get my self in order and people seem to be dropping around me. It wouldn’t be as bad as it is if it weren’t a cable television show pleading with the show makers to kill me (I)–for better ratings!

It’s like entertainment is the “big jazz,” and nothing regarding Earth sciences will get done, because we are drunk on the coach or chair, or abusing cannabis when it was really meant to cause a slight buzz to fend off boredom caused by personal life routine. It really isn’t supposed to disable you to virtually, end your life!

Take better care of your lifestyle! And let’s see who has the guts to move the business world into trekking the divide to new, real markets, involving sustainability, instead of all the crap we generate and buy, to support the cocaine habits (methylamphetamines included) on Madison Avenue.

Abraham Boulder. Keven.

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