To envision.

To know is to realize you can be taken by a trillion dollar Ponzi schemer who “knows” a great deal.

To learn how to live, and upon having profound experience, relearn how to live is our destiny, before fate, another’s death and our enlightenment, revitalization and rebirth, epiphanies that draw us away from the grave, death itself, soul destination, everpresent evergreen, recycling of Alder chips and one or two ants “thrown into the barbie” for good measure and reassuring flavor, by the living.

Eternity afterlife, or soul and eternity eclipsed by totalitarianism, liberty a hollow sound of a broken bell where it has been forgotten how liberal political philosophy, laws, ethics, ideology, ideals, and dreams serve ambition and success (amidst failure), and communitarian conservative political philosophy keeps progeny alive by the widest horizon of profit redeemed during the return after 200-300 years of exoplanet Earth’s equibria in ecosystems.

And our Destiny reaffirmed for another 3,000 years of world civilization, world societies, and local, regional, nature habitat not involved in the industrial belt entailing co-existence amidst species’ brethern throughout this exoplanet and mining projects throughout the solar system.

Abraham Boulder.

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