Intermediary science of physics–use what is correct to you.

From consciousness–>”I”–>classical “physical” physics (corporeal)

Assuming consciousness is in quantum dimension.

Applied communism or applied totalitarianism–>contains anti-matter and does death, is death, to the human species.

Liberal political philosophy cojoined in group interaction of conservative political philosophy has the vested interest in Destiny, the need for “me” to survive but in order for “me” to do that, intelligence must not be too “heightened,” a “broader” wisdom intelligence (WQ) is on the horizon that needs to “grab you by the arm” and make it clear to you that “we are reaching negative one on the value index (nuclear holoucaust), and thusly, greater emphasis and attention to wisdom intelligence, WQ (what is used–at a certain moment, or another article, or from “outside the box,” or not-at-all) is essential.

Do separate intelligences–IQ and WQ (also EQ, and SQ), and use only in context with the matter at hand; that is: application is done in some theoretical context.

Abraham Boulder.

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