Jungian functioning intuition and Freudian couple-of-contrasting styles, (1) driven to madness, or (2) more Jesus for thousand years more, Abraham Boulder’s (3) God the Creator, God of sanity, health, redemption; thus genuine love, and expressing to the stranger, and those you think you know: lovingKindness, therefore amplifying, and emphasizing: decency, integrity, an allowance to be aware of “important” goals, not just rush jobs (“put the fires out”). Enough time for gelling, and catching up on subliminal messages you thought relevant, with an eye on, much-needed attention to problem-solving your participation for the next 200 years for the exoplanet’s equilibrium, and 300 years more for a 500-year Science II, of bioengineering diversity, filtering out single chemicals through biomass leaching, with bioengineered genes that only leaves the specified chemical, quantum -speed Tool AI

life force vs. death wish in intuitive, functioning in common subconscious.

The death wish is syndicated, loosely, in associations, cooperating fully with one another, or terrorist cells, via, by shared sentiment* (affective intelligence phenomena, organized by specific goals delineated on extremist websites and from newsrooms around the globe), and intuitive rearing, based on feelings and words, or together, language, in serious or fun transpersonal counterpoint, where intelligence, “reason is aspect of spirit” (-Gassendi) in words centered on a commons, running the gamut of:

(1) standard dictionaries from native tongues of Western thought, to

(2) geographical locations, such as,
(a) golf afecionado,
(b) tennis/racquet ball,
(c) basketball,
(d) musical club, as examples

While the general feel, or feelings are limbic-to-limbic subparticle or tiny nanostructure physics, involved in entanglement contact with each limbic system of a down payment individual brains interacting; Gassendi’s “reason” includes phenomena language with the feeling, that gets analyzed in the above commons mentioned, in the dimension of quantum physics.

****Definition of “sentiment” is below:****

New World dictionary (©2009-2017. MobiSystems, Inc).


7. the thought or meaning behind something said, done, or given, as distinct from the literal statement, act, etc.

Abraham Boulder. Keven

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