How far do we go? We need justice.

Make argumental essay on the murder of decent students whom had gained in their life time, universal moral standards, and subjected to oppression and persecution by criminal professors, coercing them to burglarize, steal cars, and conduct serial assassinations of members of society by being refined, subhuman educated and educators. (It’s not that they’re animals, it’s more a matter of fungi development, or more likely, cases of botulism.).

The killings, far from morally sound arguments of historical imperatives, more, the actions of a set of lunatics refusing medication from qualified doctors, posing as students and faculty, and promulgating the insanity of a state SS group waiting for federal employment in the Now.

Is this what the governor of the state of Washington spent a billion dollars for? Giving more students more opportunities in education.

But, unfortunately, the college and universities are molding them into homicidal psychopaths, determined by post-modern action, to eliminate the human species.

Is there any truth to the contemplated notion that a president bet against the sound construction of a Chinese-funded building of which a maintenance worker put the buildings’ condition status report on the WA state email system as a graduate student, making it public record, but inaccessible to the public, because it was subcategorized as an “university email system?”

“Did,” in my own private contemplation, “did this president,” I consider, “isolate and alienate the person who does this consideration, with a 3rd-rate accomplice much loved in feelings mainly derived from opoid abuse, heroin use, and a crack habit?

Were my civil rights summarily destroyed by gambling habits of presidents, who have possibly copyrighted my work, and intend to publish my best work, once my death is done in creative innovative, “natural”-contrived setting, to pay gambling debts? I wonder.

Abraham Boulder

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