Philosophical anti-matter

Identify the source, and exact a healing. Exact the cure.

Philosophical deconstructionism followed by philosophical anti-matter. The General Pattern.   The Beating arrhythmia, the intentional disturbance.  The subparticle physical quake.

That we have focused on matter degenerating to chaos. Now our focus lies on anti-matter and it:s strength to bring about the fall of mankind. From focus on science subject comes philosophical inquiry.

The Yang to the Ying. Anti-matter energy forces anti-springs to life.

Disturbances in oscillations of matter synchronous with antimatter’s nature of deep disturbance to the stability of the atom and mind. A blighting. A Great Physics plague.  The rattling of oscillations of matter by anti-matter.  The anti-matter energy succumbing matter’s general motion of energy.

Further than philosophical imagery, no longer a discussion of collapse, but of philosophical putrefecation, of philosophical rot, leading the mind to biological plague, now envisioned, now occurring.

We are at philosophical blight. Not at a biological decay, but the Great Disturbance of the mind. The anti-oscillations. The pain. The suffering–leading to the brain torture–the biological brain contouring. The biological brain sculpting.

From biological putrefecation, to subparticle physical putrefecation. From efferescence of idea quanta to tension vertigo and visual disturbances, and innervating profound disturbances of neurological structure and electrical disturbances.

Of chemical imbalances, ‘boiling” at room temperature.

A god’s insanity, manifested in universal disturbances in subparticle motion, and atomic particle oscillations.

Not contact annhilation.  But “a matter” of influence of general matter- The Great Disturbance.  The rattling marbles on the cranium and it’s affect to the mind.

The energy causation effecting chaos of matter.

The affect suffering.  The death to prove affect insistence, of a violent undertaking. (And the love and peace we seek upon death that leaves us everlasting, in growth of life (reincarnated), universally everpresent, and Wanting.  Wanting to be better.  Less damaging.  Less death.  More life.)

The Disturbances of the disturbed.  The insistence of it’s rightness.

Not wrong.  Scattered. Dispersed.  Solar [not] flare [starburst explosion) and the inevitable collapse (implosion), black hole.  The energy of anti-matter overpowering the oscillations of matter. (Not contact between anti-matter and matter, which is it’s annhilation.). Anti-matter’s influence. Philosophical devastation–not Annhilation.

Beyond annhilation existentialism.  The Disruptor.  the disturbance.

The disruption of the Grand Design.  The Bother. The Eternal peace Disruptor.  The delusional End.

Identify. Heal (therapy).  Choose to live, relearn how to live.  It’s not that this didn’t happen.  It appears.  But go Beyond.  To another chapter. Another Period beyond.

Abraham Boulder.

-Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy

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