Energy of disruption upon the brain of the Universe. A testimony of incomparable suffering

The turn of the string in string theory.  Arriving at the tangent in calculus–applied to the string’s twist or turn is a fluid DNA of the Universe.  Idea quantum.

And it’s schizophrenia.  The anti-matter influence on The theory of relativity (and order).  The amphetamine shakes’ energy, of five, seven, eleven amphetamine pills taken at one time.

Turn from Aryan Chi energy, towards the Vital energy Life force (Qi).  Turn away from the energy of disruption infant necromancy annhilation appetite!

The West takes matter and obliterates with a nuclear device.  But what remains.  The energy of the explosion.  Aryan Chi energy of rot, and putrefecation, and plague.  Survive the plague. Survive The War.  Rebirth.  Reborn.  Keep the information from the Enlightenment to the Modern, to Post-Modern constructive contributions.  This be “late in Civilization” said by a professor in The Great Course©, in “Why evil exists.” Regenerate. Not anymore: degenerate. Build a New Day.  A World civilization. Great Societies. Regional, nature preserve sovereignties.

Turn back Aryan excesses to Universal strivings, achievements, and glory.  Adapt to vital energy life force utilization, instead of Anti-matter’s Aryan energy death wish!

Abraham Boulder

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