Is this possible

We do honor the Office of the President of the United States. But we wait in horror at rumors that there has been deals made to stop economic development from new emerging markets becoming “real markets” yielding “real dollars” profit

Aside from a drive in vogue to form fiscal policy to improve an economy by eliminating mass population who are not government personnel, the process is sticky, because a plague seems possibly emerging from so much killing globally.

Don’t expect these governments to be interested in stopping the plague–they may welcome it–having negotiated it politically, conceivably, at the White House, for an outcome where a vaccine-find race results in the few given the royal vaccination treatment only.

This is not meant to be a scare. It is a rumor. But in the unlikely event it is true, it is posted to be disproved, or confirmed.

Let me say, I truly respect and honor the United States of America’s government and the leadership that contains checks and balances as instituted by the living document–our U.S. Constitution.

If you see a crisis, amend the U.S. Constitution. If necessary and approval by the appropriate officials is granted to amendments, then there will be a series of them to better fit our present needs.

Abraham Bouldet

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