What actually works, and what does not

equanimity and genocide: Evil twins.

Not an efficient system based on trade environments. Fiscal policy of genocide to make up for economic deficiencies, hence a “stronger economy.”

In Washington State, when someone is a terminal patient they can choose doctor-assisted death at the time they choose, or live until the illnesess progress to the point of death. (Enlightened: points of death.)

Euthanasia, even for fiscal policy is a degenerate form of government.

Principled and long-standing wisdom from well-earned tradition exists in wisdom intelligence, separate from bully ballyhoo of too high an
IQ, and over-education discussions of politicaleconomy.

Long-standing but ringing true North, true South, true East, and true West, directions plotted, not to hit the Scientific American icebergs and steer away from a “royal-mania” craving, being instrumental in causing anarchy and utter destruction, and genocide of the population, who are not government employed.

Although there may be no interest in this subject by some, intelligence wisdom (WQ) grabs the attention of those seeking $100 million trillion in revolutionary, financial, real markets in 2008 real dollars over a 500-year horizon, managing stock market bubbles in science & technology part 2. Thus, justifying existence of our races to leadership that includes $25 trillion in the energy industry alone.

We need that $40 carbon tax, as an economic instrument (an economic disincentive) capable of bridging a marketplace where industry leaders refuse to reinvest; for subsidiaries that are freed of bureaucratic red tape, overburdening taxes, and provided with economic incentives in a nascent, emerging-market, green industry. Stock market Bonanza! Hurry and diversify.

Abraham Boulder

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