Footprint in forward motion: How not to blow up the world, and when not to engage in war!

Analytic systemics of applied behavioral science on all things considered important.

Healthy repetoire of EQ, affect intelligence, with language focused on WQ, wisdom intelligence (a wisdom that grabs your intelligence, instead of putting you asleep), questions the validity of SQ, our values and meaning, to aide determining whether an IQ, technical intelligence, should be used, something else used, something outside of the box used, or nothing at all used (thus ultimately WQ intelligence used again for actual action, applied intelligence, IQ).

In addition inspiration in this human singularity, by Creator, God of sanity, and health, and redemption: thus genuine love–within or, without, or both with our physical form of all-organs vital, completeness; including brain use, brain function; Or atheistic Universal Ceiling of sanity, health and love–with AI Tool.

It is ethical consideration outside the box of six emotions of classical philosophy, to a range of emotions and feelings befitting EQ, WQ, SQ, and IQ, in that order!

It expresses all these intelligences to determine if specific technical knowledge should be applied? Or not, WQ.

It leaves room for manipulation of computer AI Virus for human species’ manipulation-for-good.

It allows for greatness to be achieved, on the basis of the fact that “not all computer programmers are insane.”

It offers the notion of a compromising, enemy-intent, based on the “evil empire” model, that the opposing side in a confrontation is going too far on particulars, unethically.


We are in a tailspin downwards and an apparent purge of advanced beyond post modern thought and feeling.

We are stuck in the 20th Century, focused on beyond post modern reality analyzed by classical philosophy adherents, and so, in disaster.

Further, this disaster is extended by classical philosophy followed by Straussian philosophy, followed by post-Straussian enactment of laws based on lies, fables, and unheard of idiocy.

Ram’s head’s forward thrust centers on deconstructionist, post-modern Plato idiocy where all achievements are in decline, idiots dominate, abuse, belittle as victors, and all is stripped down to nonphysical, nonspiritual, non-human pure thought devolved from emotional intelligence, yet utterly sexist.

Expressing an all-knowing cataclysmic orgasm reverring dystopic Utopia, while ignoring a continuing maturity in intelligence with WQ expressing EQ, ethically argued from SQ, and knowledgeable of what to know, or what got to be known, as IQ in order that we avoid negative one on a value index that indicates nuclear winter since around 1950.

Abraham Boulder

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