Hidden brain revelation: how a democracy is destroyed by Rasputin heresey!

The means by which a noted traitor proceeds to scramble composure in the face of democratic principles of our republic reminds us that such
a pimp leaves open wide the door to tyranny.

It is not that we are frayed but that we are eliminated by his anus brain of failure, living death, fill-smart technology supplanting the brain of constituents and the general population.

It is not an act of slavery, come this tyranny; but an end to use of agency and mental faculties of present generations of Americans, forever.

He harbors among our leaders to sex them out of a discipline of responsibility towards the majority, and protected minorities of constituents.

He weakens the pillars that uphold our republic, to see them crumble at the feet of democratic adherents. Does a democracy evolve to tyranny, or totalitarianism; or can this madman be stopped!?


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