Past, Present, and Future

Accepting Behavioral Economics, the moral argument of a moral imperative is naturally irrational and of emotional weight, but does impress reasoning of affect intelligence phenomenon in the Shakespearean aerie substrate of a winged Pluck, resourceful, under an universal ceiling of Creator, God of Sanity such that an argument can be abundant in emotional intelligence and arrive at a different position than present location of mission. Does the matter in question cause gross interference with the mission? If no, it is acceptable to pause mission. If yes, is the moral incident of such ethical weight, to put a hold on the mission temporarily. If yes, hold off mission temporarily. Is there information provided that, lacking prejudice to its diabolical nature, neutral dangerous condition or risk to Divine Providence of the human species, require aborting mission, evaluating the phenomena, and reasserting integrated mission objectives consistent with the understanding of the moral incident assessment, and directing a course of movement, that includes the unknowns as a guide, not just what is learnt, or said to be the case, in regard to said moral incident.

It is a matter, that ontologically, phenomenon exist, beyond the imagining of it, when essentially the mind imagined all things perceived by the body; and ideation is a phenomenon, particle physics effervescent bubbly of idea quanta, which can be directed in default entropic-dominated science of the last 500 years of Enlightened “death,” in a sense.

Followed, ontologically by entropic (salmon swimming upstream) energy, ideation of idea quanta that evolve our biology, chemistry, leading from particle physics motion, of entropy on idea quanta, that respond to neuroatomic structure, cerebellum, and Human action by the cerrebrum, inclined to, and mission set in, motion for evolving future social events of scientific inquiry in a biogenetic genesis, bio-engineering, and bio-diversification of the bio-sphere with bio-technology engineered genetically to absorb and isolate, toxic wastes for future use, or cleaning wastestreams of effluents, for drinkable, freshwater, pioneered for the next 500 years, Science II,.

Phenomenal properties are that 1) they exist, or by saying “am,” exist in that moment 2) have a dynamic, or flow, that 3) results in something, that, depending on the results, and where you started, serve as a worthwhile application of getting from phenomenon A to results B; 4) has a tendency to repeat, and 5) can be found, applied, and repeated by individuals, in a group of 20 or 40 people.

It is the nature of phenomenon, ontologically existing that 1) they may be salient phenomenon of dimensions 4, 5, or 6. 2) that they occur in universal physics more so than in planetary station. And that 3) are salient phenomenon of untold number of dimensions, yet to be found.

Metaphysics the real of own person, allowed to practice faith, for good common wealth mission, of a good and love emanating from the Source, the Creator, God of Sanity, Almighty God, shall not be interfered with by the State practicing social science as a superior position of an abuse of Power, that is Limited, in the U.S. Constitution, and granted to the power of the Governed (the population of the sovereign state) as liberal rights whose nature is to empower the citizenry to invoke the living Constitution on the physical presence of their own person, homo sapiens and homo sapiens sapiiens and to the amendments of the U.S. Constitution, and state constitutions providing legal protection and right to life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, stated in the first legal document of the United States of America, and additional rights specified in specific amendments of the state constitutions and U.S. Constitution., and code of these states and State, as well as county and municipal ordinances. Law is not written just for stating liabilities, but to bestow rights, or free acts.

Abraham Boulder

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