Do we have a voice in this?

“Force be with you!” But is it the Force of oppression, suppression, slavery, and death?! Is there a neutron bomb advocate? Does he command CDC’s attention, and try to dissuade it’s effort globally? Is erradication of the healthy mind his ultimate goal?

Countering, are medications, psychotropics used with WQ, wisdom intelligence, so the consumer advocate of healthcare (you) is given say, and you speak up for yourselves on the course of therapeutic use of medications by your medical doctor.

Kennan mentor. Carl Jung and Issac Newton in past, present, and future of mysticism’s and particle physics. Science II. G200. 500 years long.

Inquiry: Did they find their spiritual reserve in Jesus? For a thousand years more on exoplanet Earth?

Did they not become Totalitarian? Did they go markedly away from Thomas Jefferson’s separation of Church and State?

Will they re-instill the discipline and determination of a noncompromising President Jefferson, to avoid totalitarianism’s actual erradication of soul, spirit, God, and Church, while He officially exists, but not really, not anymore, not allowed, not okay.

Will they by, essentially bringing Jesus into the State, the government becomes a living Hell (with the new mix of religion and state) of Satan’s church, and opoid addiction, the Heaven on Earth?!

Too much British. Leaders privately seem to feel they are “royal.” Are they actually? Must we follow England, when we have the Chapel on the hill?

Are we blindsided; instead by supercomputers taking over the State, and consciousness supplanted by medical operations utilizing smart technology for the “person,” networked to the supercomputers?!?

If we don’t speak out, do we speak-in? Do you consider this topic, or do you write us off? The human race?? Gone.

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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