What gives, Betsy!

PCB got his wings and flutters to cause a human Rasputin butterfly effect reminiscent of nonlinear computer modeling.

His behavior is nonlinear and is a behavioral system is beyond a modeled bifurcation to destruction, enlivening graduate students to populate correctly formulated disaster plans, for disaster to occur by affective intelligence through Ph.D. behavioral science thesis activism.

I think it was created to cause messes in operations after earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest.

Prompted as assholes metaphysically (quite, affective intelligence) via dictators who have sex with the multitudes of their totalitarian nation’s human creatures, purposely transferring in the sex act to necromancy, that in itself expands the magnitude of affective intelligence in rearing people forcefully (with “look ma, no hands”) on the East Coast prompting for chaos to grow on the 48-state “continent” with irresponsible leadership associating with the old global economies of human trafficking and opoid peddling, salient in post-modern buffoonery, claiming post-modern dominance and victory, continuing consistently through communist party activism and state social science tortures with “look ma, no hands!,” exploiting created horrors yet actualized to the unsuspecting citizen or the citizen with denial.

So what gives? Rearing apparatus–egging on failure to deny authorization by authorities, failure to comply with regulations, unwillingness “to get it” that is not all about me, in business, actually, it’s about– doing–in the influential sphere of the owner, manager, or supervisor.

Zoom out to an idea of the world revolving round and round, and then zoom back and see your surroundings instead of “just what I want;” to answer the request (in business lingo, “demand”) to do-do-do, and do some more, before quitting for the day.

-Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia

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