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Bifurcation point in science of chaos theory.

Populations of creatures getting Ph.D’s for reasoned methodology in destruction via deconstructionist, post-modern perversion, Straussian lies, Do-nothing post-Straussian law (which, “actually does horrendous destruction”).

Bifurcation point is the point when these Ph.D’s reach a population that over-flows the proverbial toilet in sheer volume of Ph.D’s hell-bent on species’ destruction.

We must give liberal Institutions primary focus on Ph.D’s answering the Sirens of our destruction with divergent solutions to our weak and weakest parts to re-establish a world civilization and world societies and nature-seeking sovereignties to house the remaining species on Earth and do a Freudian life-force explosion of bio-diversity to quell the demons of chemical inventions of all Aryan fatal content and Freudian death wish (The industrial Aryan dance of death!). What Freud had a hard time understanding: Black humor applied to our and other species’ extinction.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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