Hey! Summer feast!

We have a thumb, we have apposable thumb, uitlizing tools. The brain develops tools and their uses (like a scratch-arm for your back, or more handsomely, a sponge-arm, to clean your back for better hygiene).

We have half a thumb being an “inch.” We have a “foot” being twelve inches. We have the stretch of the hand or the stride of the feet, as “a yard.”

The appossable thumb grips the tool. The body is aware of it’s dimensions, and the central nervous systems develops for the body and construction of things with purpose, especially of those things it constructs.

The penis serves the vagina to help in creating useful things and procreation, a better world, and improving our lot, not just the builder’s temptations. Conservative political philosophy is communitarian and the group(s) that you identify with, or groups you identify to cause scares with.

Conservative political philosophy reminds a person tempted by too many things that the group matters! And for best chances to survive, that means diversity in mini-segregated hamlets of racial difference.

That difference matters, but world group must survive with favorable Pascalian odds. With variety.

Brain development by density and plasticity develops a man (or woman) capable of being Human User of AI Tool.

Wisdom intelligence grabs you by the neck shaking you to communicate to you that post-Euclidean visualized “boxes” are outside 13 actual dimensions in philosophy.

And AI Tool will undoubtedly solve for non-Euclidean solutions.

Remember they are outside the 13 dimensions of actuality (one being a spiritual dimension of thought, heart, faith, and behavioral science destiny), and therefore has no useful purpose except for very, very dangerous anti-matter.

Abraham Boulder

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