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This is a scientific or disciplined objective appraisal, not a literary masterpiece of “put down.” It is an acknowledgement of character approaching “negative one” on a value index defined as the occurrence of a nuclear winter.

A post-modern tour de force.  An immobilizing deconstructionist attitude. A totally enrapturing diatribe of utter bullshit (Straussian)   A crackerbox prize of immobilizing policies and laws enacted to steal trillions of dollars from global economy, as well as political malfeasance (post-Straussian philosophy).

An end to the West and end to the Causcsian race and African race, singularity applied by PCB in the common unsconscious.  To immobilize psych economy surplus affect and intellect for a chaotic psyche economy deficit of ineptude and damage to well rested high intellect and good steed. Leaving us miserable, and muttering, “how did this happen?  Answer: PCB.
PCB: he is salient and in the way of many, many people’s lives, causing deaths and significant financial loss globally by common sense, common subconscious (hidden brain) saliency of his ineptness and betrayal to America and the world by extremely salient disorder of incessantly interrupting  individual’s and group’s activities.

Lost time, lost money, lost critical time alone, lost privacy, ruining downtime at your special home-base.

Psychotic in depth psychiatry because of his universal saliency, he is very, very convincing based on delusional manic activities (tendencies). and totally artificial goodness from his opoid habit.

Very, very acute obsessive-compulsive disorder behavior leading necromancy saliency in and around the world (including USA), such that he is “extremely” very, very acute social disorder.

And advocate going through the historical time behavior beyond the bifurcation point of “no return” in the science of chaos.  He wishes very much to make it Final final.  Armageddon. He crowds out opposing behaviour and actions designed to widen the horizon of net profit for 300 years to save our human species.

  • He is a collective genius of idiocy, imbecility, and moronicness all at the same time.  Post-modern Odyssey of an intentional idiot that effectively destroys civization (deconstructs), puts bullshit into arguments of relevance (Straussian lies) and aids in enacting laws that bind us to the impossible to immobilize organizations and end any and all effectiveness of the groups (post-Straussian philosophy).

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