Destiny or Final fate

(+)Fated darkness of Aryan play and death relationship (constriction) vs. release of light of living destiny and constructive negative and positive affect drives for world civilization and world societies and sovereign local nature preserves for million-year, human-alive venture. Conservation International and Nature Conservancy. Learning how to live, then after quite an experience in life, relearning how to live by continuing the journey’s destiny path of human species, homo sapiens, homo sapiens sapiens for a million years.

  • (+)Affect intelligence as feelings, with Gassendi’s “reason is an aspect of spirit:” IQ, EQ (emotional intelligence), SQ, values and meaning; WQ, (wisdom intelligence– grabs your attention, does not make you sleepy, executive function:  when to use IQ, EQ, SQ, when to use some other technique or skill, when to not use anything at all, when to use some technique or skill “outside the box.”

Dalai lama, king cobra, python, boa constrictor and lizard snake of Carl Jung’s future dreams (book: Liber Novus) of serpent challenging him in eastern dream travels, brought from the earth and becoming a part of his Jesus Christ figure, before Jesus Christ is seen transformed to light of Spirit, as God.

(-)Compare to a tentative Chinese dream of a computer dalai lama lizard snake AI program that commands human creatures not acknowledged or recognized as humans, only creatures, as the Chinese tentative end result of humankind (mankind) on exoplanet Earth; or (-) dreamed up Gate Jr’s Plato reductionism eliminating physical, human, and Spirit for unified field of consciousness of his own as spirit of intellect remains of life’s death.

Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia

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