PCB–what he doesn’t get

In very, very acute obssessive compulsive disorder; very, very acute anti-social disorder, very acute personality disorder, mass homicidal tendencies, permissible delusions of grandeur that he was a 2-year old girl–now, “the Man” to spearhead jacking up the world until it is dead!

He loves his ice cream from New Jersey chemicals in the cream that are comparable to Love Canal that stench from his rear are clearly neurotoxin psychiatric drugs inducing behavior headed for negative one on a value index where -1 is a nuclear winter.

Something, it seems, he having not been put away for security reasons from society imperils the world immediately and seems to eclipse global business universes from carrying their legal obligations that corporations outlast human generations.

And adding to legal definition that “sizable profit” can be sufficient legal net assets returns carry the financial horizon burden beyond 200-300 years to provide redeeming real dollars sums in actual, real markets–the greatest securities known to Man!
Future energy field profits projected to reach $25 trillion.  Let’s utilize our best effective leadership in politiking for government cooperation. Laissez-faire means that–non-interference by the government of aggregate business drives of the bull for new emerging markets on Wall Street need to be honorable President Trump’s policy–including the $40 carbon tax.

Abraham Boulder

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