The Natural Law imperative. What limits government will need to discipline science as well.

Spirits do fly under a flag that’s free, in a dimension of your own, free of nominal rearing perpetually driven to know the unknown, to see what can’t be seen, and know ourselves and our universe, as if for the first time.

And if what is known is not, thereby delusion, do we raise the glass to he or she that learns, and cares to have mercy on our existence, that what we are, is not science, science always, the tool, of the apposable thumb of the anthropoid, the human race.

  • Our creation being certain 200,000 years ago, blueprint of hominoids in hand, crafted by 2 million years of endoskeletal mammal, evolving to human, then borne by the Light of Destiny of the universal vital life force, Chi energy of Creation and physics recalibration, in emotional duality of positive and negative affect, to constructive actions, brutally pragmatic for the test of time in history of MEMES suited for variety in bio-genetics survival of homo sapiiens and homo sapiens sapiiens, stimulated for neurodensity, neuroatrophy, and regained by neuroplasticity–not subjected to new species generation, but by Natural Law that he (the brain organ) evolve naturally from his MEMES and his tool assistant, AI Tool, utilization.

And the heart maintained in this genuine loving fashion, as well.  The divine in Natural Law is genuine love.

Natural Law development of the brain dispensed with sensors from the heart, evolving and manifested at the brain’s core, in the Light of Destiny and the Light of Creator, God of sanity and health, redemption and serenity, with benevolent love for our species responsibly in the physical universe from our own creature feature to actualize on grave matters, weighty concerns, and “and things of great gravity” for learning how to live, and relearnimg how to live.

Abraham Boulder

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