Is it actually ongoing effort in science and applied technologies.

Subliminal messaging enters my imagination, believed to be sourced from the common unconscious.

It’s a consideration starting like “mad scientist lab work.”

Imagine, if you will (and only if you will) something which is invented involving human brain graphs and electronic devices attached to a lizard snake Carl Jung called the “serpent” of the East, or dragon of medieval lore.

It’s the suspected hope, aspiration for some in the East to surpass the human species, or human creature with this “superior form.”

It will be able to eat people and derived from boas, pythons, king cobra–all allowed to cross Florida line by the U.S. Court of Appeals that determined that “they ate animals in the Everglades, but would not eat cows up north because it isn’t wet enough.”

“Therefore, they will have to live in tanks, and be kept alive by several feedings a week indoors.

Enter the Pacific Northwest and the warm, wet weather it has, similar to weather in summertime throughout the U.S.

Enter the fact that it eats humans instead of packaged meat (that would run up a grocery bill too high for your “pet.”)

Enter, the effort of some desireful from the East applying cutting-edge technology in neuroscience and electronic smart technology, and new grafting techniques, to bring about our downfall–by a King snake–a Dalai lama.

Abraham Boulder

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