“What an Idea:” Program for self-employment: how to make a living in a family business platform.

(1) Jewish school for helping the family business and fulfilling state requirements successfully for state exams, pass G.E.D. requirememts for students.

(2) Question: If you are on a program, can you subsidize benefits money with supplemental income from personal business ventures? Ask the government customer service or private provider.

(3) Business ventures: self-employment. Paying taxes for business, and any and all employees (personal income tax, business licenses, property taxes (your home with depreciation write off when you can buy a house or condo). (you get a business license, you show receipts for the business expenses, you take depreciation account entry in a double-entry accounting software and show it on your income tax form.)

How your subsidize your own money accumulation for basic essentials of food, thrift clothes and housing; reinvestment into a business to keep running the business; and, make enough savings for the next business, or two next businesses.

How to stay alive, keep the family together, make a living, face well nine bankruptcies out of ten. And be here tomorrow, and the family too!

This is a discussion at a library. Goal: community education by individuals that think outloud in a business setting for others to see the thinking necessary to be get-starter on supplementing income, if possible on a program, or employment, perhaps getting to the point in part-time employment, part+time family business

Think-a-thon discussing ways to make money if allowed on programs you participate or supplement income and in conservative business double-ledger accounting for costs, in a expense accounts that need payment, in account receivables.

Key to success is learning is to learn to destress techniques and use them to bring anxiety or depression under control for leaning to actually be possible.

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