Prayer for us all: choose destiny not fate

After Aryan, possibly ancient Iranian death, kept in vigorous anal Tantric sex that leads to me necromancy–an animating principle generating worship 20,000 destructive deities, as one, shatain:

We proceed to use the Unity of Good amplified, for the decent, the great among us who turn the tide of death, horror, terror and human creature from negative one on Value Index (nuclear winter, or climate “long” winter).

We can, neutralize the horror, with acts of compassion and requests of redemption, such that the Good Almighty God of a good Commonwealth, responds with life sustaining trade instead of ennui about our secular condition, and cascading energy of a natural river as a platform for salmon returning and bringing sustainability from downward energy flow to exercise upward mobility to improve the condition of civilization from putrefecation, rot, and plague death and infirmity.

Leading to a new world order, of world civilization, world societies, and soverign nature habitats.

We pray for the amplification of the Unity of God, focusing on the part of Chi’s nourishing qualities derived from the universal vital life force energy.

It is the necromancy of spiritual death of warriors opposing each other in battle, but united in animating for death and killing that brings forward the ancient creation story that brought about living with death, instead of living with life.

We pray to the Creator, God of sanity and health, redemption and serenity, of genuine love, derived in prayer from the ancient Hebrews (Evretim), who in their modern sophisticated existential state, need relief from anxieties and depression, and relief from aggravation or creation of illness,

And the need to learn how to live,
Relearn how to live,
Essentially, to learn how to live, again.

Abraham Boulder

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