Cigarette smokers know, do you?

Deliberate quantities of neurotoxins or toxins causing organic disorder are intentionally placed in a cigarette for signature brains.
The chemicals and damage may minimize cooperation and collaboration, and foster belligerence and aggression.

This can be deliberately placed in global foods to accelerate aggression.

The neuroaggression psychology (consciousness) contains signature brain chemistry and neurostructure both involve behavioral science (the behavior of the complete physical person, including head, in concert with toxins deliberate combos, or “cocktails.”

They develop illness for certain events to occur from their intake of neurotoxins.

Someone might say in court that, “their illness caused the behavior,” but actually it was the intake of amount combination of poisons and neurodamage (neurostructure alteration) that caused the events, on purpose.

I think this is a frequent occurrence (instead of it, always a “innocent illness.”)

It is all fine and commendable that Tufts University has a purchasable letter on health and nutrition, but do you really know the source of the competition’s behavioral science?

Abraham Boulder

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