Two dimensions, both with matter, one with mental faculties for those that evaluate for themselves, what matters

I strive to maintain discipline for what’s matter[s].

What’s nourishing, I get from exoplanet Earth, “whose” food needs to be free of chemical toxins, and free of bacteria or virus.

It’s grave. It holds substantial gravity; in that, when the food is truly clean and nourishing, you can enter the universe’s unified field of consciousness (and leave regular gravity behind), and think to yourself, “what’s in it for you, friend, foe, or stranger,” not just: what’s in it for me, Buster!?

The actual matter[s] in both dimensions, (1) exoplanet, large-furniture reality, and (2) universe, idea poppin’ (idea quanta) that gets into the common unconscious from the personal, private subconscious as efferescent bubbly, moves with immediate, entanglement, motion for neuroconsciousness’ faculties that we all had; like honeybee on a field trip from flower and fruit plants to another flower, another fruit plant; and another solution idea is likely to occur from Orville Reddenbacher’s-kernal-poppin’-corn® in divergent thinking (multiple possiblilities) and divergent (multiple) answers, discussed in Harvard Medical School book, “Creative Brain.”

Permitting wide access and leeway to solve problems with many solutions to pick the present, appropriate final, final choice of answer.

Abraham Boulder

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