Human destiny singularity: Destiny in idea quanta (discrete units of cube-it ideas neatly packed for use).

Human singularity with spirit is a broadband of animating principle labeled “magic,” and; in addition; is religiously polarized to include top to bottom with Jesus and Satan archetypes in Christian theology.

Human singularity related to spirit (magic and polarized Christian archetypes) keeps busy this lively belief system involving good and evil; and fun in broad, emotional expression, often enabled with “spirits” (drinking alcohol) until fate overcome’s your life, with death (archetypal, and with much dread).

Human destiny singularity is a focus on an “up” (universal ceiling of sanity) in spirit (or animating principle) of philosophy enthused with positive and negative affect disciplined for constructive action and results, meeting literal dead-lines that are scheduled to include overruns “pulled out” of “putting out fires,” to the category of action called “important”–
impervious to ego building, tech staff; insisting that “this has to go out,” when politics has to narrow it’s focus to end-game politics, determining allocation of resources and completion dates including a safety zone of run-off-dates that do less of near-death adrenaline, and lot more of healthy exercised heart beats pacing our efforts on universal physics and Earth-bound atomizations with corporate culture removing itself from non-Euclidean denial of critical conformity of 12 dimensions plus the denial of another dimension: faith in an “up:” “God of sanity and health, redemption and serenity, and genuine Love,” which is our dedication to our children’s future, and our children’s children, and for us to like and love one another via this Earth physical; Universe physical; content-of-discussion (or intent of communications) disclosures that actually: matter (by subject, and liguistically); and the Only one God of sanity and health (for the good and great in us) or atheistic constructivism, to achieve human destiny singularity, a continuing, everlasting Destiny for us–homo sapiens and homo sapiens sapiens, alike.*

Abraham Boulder

*Random trials of genetic evolution do not pit homo sapiens and homo sapiens sapiens against each other. Instead, evolution will most probably leave portions of both groups alive after natural disasters.

The only disaster in our way, is ethnic cleansing–that scientifically reduces our possibility of meeting our Destiny and continuimg through the generations of our species, forever more.

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