If Gambino is used for extended work, and then becomes Vice President of the United States with a business associate as president.
Legal undertakings could oppose what-was the Clean Water Act, and deliberately contaminate the good quality water we do have.  In intentional efforts to cause pathology and morbidity, in an emerging market of human disposal thus ensuing on a no-save-species policy.

This market has another, contrarian, this-time, emerging market, supporting green science and technology utilizing quantum computing, and AI–in this case these political candidates may, before, and also if they are elected, set AI, on auto–what we call AI Virus for expired mortals; to be battled by AI Tool and command operators supporting green science and technology on the internet as part of competition in emerging markets, and under the subheading of AI anti-Virus for the green emerging market.

Genocide is not natural law.  U.S. Constitution is natural law.  Law extends to genocide-unnatural, unconstitutional, totally unacceptable law, in United States sovreignty and by World Court standards of crimes against humanity.

Green business must not think they have no competition in other fields for ending life, and extending life, for destroying life on Earth, and continuing the Destiny of the human species scientifically through diversity of races and tribes, with the remaining biodiversity in the ecosystem and biodiversity developed in the lab.

We start our engines, and compete AI Tool versus AI auto.

Check out this Forbes post in the Climate change vibe:
Investing In The Age Of Climate Change

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