Sometimes God puts us in certain situations so we can learn the lessons we need to, in order to evolve (survive).

Step-by-step MEMEs to physical evolution using tools, being free and responsible (“Freedom and Destiny”-Rollo May).

Brain organ using technology tools to enhance the organ itself, never bio-engineereed evolution. Prayer in the brain as the ultimate behavioral science tool to assure survival by pulling the human species forward in never-ending Destiny of the human species.

Praise the only one God for human singularity, but care be taken of the Heart here on Earth–those of faith are not in heaven yet, and fully capable of going to hell.

Brain stem equals 2 million years of mammalian, endoskeletal development, younglings created in woman’s womb, milk provided for nourishment. Cup used as tool.  Man penetrating to fertilize egg. Father. And warm hugs and kisses too.

Genuine love from higher powers of human behavior and from Creator, God of sanity and health, redemption and serenity and equanimity, and, again, genuine love.  The only one God.

This maybe is not now, but for posterity. Forevermore on Earth to supply the connection between the Eternal past and Eternal future.

Abraham Boulder

-Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia

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