The banal

Suffering from chemical and bioagent placement by Sanskript guy dedicated to the Dalai lama for Aryan death, I leave my Aryan “utterance.”

The Dalai lama mixed up with New Jersey politics (tri-state region), seeks greater death quotas to meet demand for end-of-world action.

He figures, “a world of people dead is a world at peace”!!?

Peace gotten by Aryan death, this way you get the “greater” Nirvana.

Too much “Seattle.”

A false sychronicity echoed by false feedback. False compassion. False love. Fed by greed, lust, the taste of death, communist urgings, implorements, threats, and actions.

We end this “Aryan utterance” with the realization that this will be interpreted as “mental illness,” when the Master is old, sick self, and sick- tri-state region of India, China, and Russia are influenced too much by a virus seeking human death. They tilt the Dalai lama to Chi death, instead of universal, vital life energy force of Destiny throughout the ages, throughout the generations.


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