Two global government

As a government works to descredit me with private funds footing the bill, I’ve come to realize there are two types of government.

One concerns itself with the citizenry.  Ideally it takes the time to have a good idea of the citizen it has dealings with through one-on-one interviewing and follow-up meetings.

The second government is heavily involved in distanced reporting: no follow ups by the same government employee, and reports filed based on group social contact (institutional and business).

They have no good or valid idea who the person is and runs Aryan reports describing the dying history, death, and sexual experience of the what amounts to a dying populous via genocide.

These Aryan reports then gain religious power of Satanic Faustian compromise for a strongly believed extension on longevity for the officials.

Applied communism or applied fascism is a strong affective force working it’s way at destroying liberal ideas, liberal political philosophy, and individual rights we fought wars to protect.  The affect has anti-animating effect and stymying of learning capacities within a life span.

It seems to me as we look at quantum physics and spirit, or the animating principle and the, rather, lack of animating within a political concern, there seems to be a metaphysics of anti-matter centering on Aryan reports, of dying, death, and post encounters, in Totalitarianism that; we pray, is absent in democratic republics, retaining limited Power of government and private, individual rights able to build associations, and fellowships, to make informed decisions for profit and safety, and stay free of an eclipsing of learning capabilities and maintenance of laws that amount to allowing us to exercise our own personal faculties, practice our own series of virtues, and steer clear of Murphy’s law, and those that want to use it.

And the idea of a loving, good Creator for those who choose to believe and amplify the goodness in people for profit in business and private matters.

Serving to shed light for our intelligence to see visible creation and imagine correctly the dark matter that has escaped identifying and quantifying in the universe we are occupants in, but most interesting uncovering the universe’s continuing mystery and it’s nature to give us a better sense of where we stand and learn better who we are in relation to this vast universe in which we live.

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