Prayer for the future, mine and everyone else’s

You, Creator, God are the Higher Power, my power lower to your Highness.

I extol my love to you, at Your request. Please provide Your love to me in return: Compassion.

You are the Great only one God of my faith, of my beliefs. God of goodness; We be good and extend ourselves in practical Hobbesian greatness, to gain our pay, do our work, and compete less, so more work gets done. We refrain from terrible human nature to preserve and continue our species, oh God of goodness. To be good, and achieve greatness in global competition.

You are Creator, to whom we seek a universal ceiling of sanity, oh God of Sanity, Health, and Redemption, Resilience, Serenity and equanimiy: thus Genuine Love, thus loving- kindness to the stranger in our midst (with one wary eye upon his/her form).

You form human singularity as Mankind seeks the Creator from his own resources and his own private faith, and amidst Humankind. Shared congregationally in a House of Worship praying to the Creator, Higher Power, God of Sanity, or the only one God of goodness and Hobbesian greatness. Humankind of those who are believers say, “amen.”

Human singularity: humankind’s achievements in multiples of Jung’s One (extrovert) and the Other (introvert, the God element from within, effort done by our own selves). All efforts are to achieve a continuous Destiny using one’s constructive beliefs, and achievements, against a fate of species’ extinction, against viral AI that needs an anti-Virus AI to tame and maintain it as Tool AI only. Human command.

Both positive and negative affect constructive or constructive destructive action.  Positive affect essential to avoid burn-out, or total burn-out.

God bless us eternally homo sapiens, homo sapiens sapiens.

Keven, Abraham

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