In apocalyptic vision: Jung on evil

Always thought to be the devil’s work, renamed as “Terrible Satan,” what do we do at the approaching moment when it becomes the wrath of God–no longer an act of Satan–but vindictive Father God, out of geriatrics and re-entering His prime.

Not Zeus, whimsical and ill-tempered, but the only one God, indignant with reason prompting his anger.  Christians and Jews have found Him coming on too strong, and felt they the human must take things into their own hands, and do a better job.

Hobbes saw God’s work and systematically reasoned his way out of kant and superstition and anchored himself to the present (instead of dashing off to Eternity), creating little wings for himself–Calvin, keeping busy achieving in way, Eccleistically, but in his own way, Jesus.  Luther seeing man’s Fall prompted by the Dark–and man’s existence, including the predetermined: life in a candle–levende lys, or living lights of Dane happiness in the warm glow of family and friends–both a fire that burns and gets you burnt when too close (or mishandled), an Eternal light in the halls of darkness, and narrow thinking.

Abraham Boulder.  -Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

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