Sorcery minutest detail of clairvoyance occult from anal intercourse sensing for corruption and collusion of character for the harm, torture, and murder to finish off individuals, and to “do in” society at-large.

I wish to highlight the metaphysics here. Under the properties and characteristics so described above, aftective realization occurs at the quantum physics level as well as private, personal un-consciousness and the minutest details becomes apparent un-consciousness of cognitive operation to discredit, bufoon, torture, and murder large groups of people through an affective intelligence medium that could be better served for good and life-affirmng, vital needs.

This level of what I call, “animating principle” is the mystical dpirit, animating energy in science, that moves matter with “umph!,” in directions good or bad, great or terrible.

And since 1950, is the energy invested in the human creature to accept Jesus Christ, Lord Savior, for Christians, and diminish energy expended for dissolution of society, and culmination of hatred and bigotry to launch nuclear missles at one another, but the realization

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