Czar of the book of the Dead

Aryan (philosophy of the dead); Nazi (not balanced Tao of life and death; instead, imbalaced metaphysics and corporeal centered on dying, death, post-death “anti-matter” behavioral science); sand painting (a patient, ongoing, activism centered on Nazi murder).

The metaphysics is affective filth associated with the dead through anal necromancy, and vaginal intrusion.

It may be what causes 20,000 salient figures of believed dieties, primarily centered on very vigorous anal intercourse. A cult of anti-matter, anti-life governed by Totalitarianism.

Abraham Boulder

P.S. believed to be favored by Rasputin. Pejorative cult continued by Russian Jew, PBC, and German Jew, Wig-wam, promoted by financier, Developed Place.

-Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy

PCB robot lies, is deceiving, dishonest: the Dalai Lama wants you “good” for Nazi imbalance, favoring massive death. Anti-matter of soul, spirit, and disease.  Possibly, nuclear winter.

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