To fulfill our needs, allowing us contribution to the need and determining any responsibility to the whole groups

Carl Jung, reader’s version, Liber Novus.

P. 172 ¶3

If we are in ourselves, we fulfil the need of the self, we prosper, and through this we become aware of the needs of the communal and can fulfil them.

P. 173 ¶1

If we enter into this solitude then the life of the God begins.  If we are ourselves, then the space around us is free, but filled by the God.

“But naught in Totalitarianism, Not in religion in government, it brings down the U.S. Congress.  “Satan’s wings fly!” when the State is Divine.  Man “ruins” God!  Nietzche says He is dead!

If He doesn’t exist, we don’t exist.  And the State exists only.”

-Abrahem Boulder





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