. . . [The] intellect suffers to pass unnoticed those considerations which are too obtrusively and too palpably self-evident. —EDGAR ALLAN POE, “THE PURLOINED LETTER” In: “the not so big life’

It’s salient. So, develop one-sixth of your personality that Carl Jung’s sanity dogma say is intiution functioning at the private, personal level of consciousness that includes subconscious material and “commons” subconcious material of “where you’d been” passer-by comments: rude, or friendly, salutary, or distressing in your unconscious and perceived palpably in the common umconscious.

Such a feat is connection at-large, that you find salutary, or causing discomfort due to not knowing the nature of such comments,. Other than it is mere competition, when such indulgences (mind you, don’t put so much energy into subconscious experience that you are a “knocker” out-of-reality during a reality-check, or, unable to get “actual”) can open avenues amd arteries thorugh your imagination.

You see your imagination is real, reverie is real, you just need something to knock you out of: it–gently–so you can favor one sixth of your personality, the intuitive function; with a second sixth of your personality: introversion,
wthout it becoming too overwhelming.

And instead, be creative and novel. (You don’t actually, want to tee off in the house, you know. Better take it to the green!)

-Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

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