Rules for aging

I thought of you when I read this quote from “Rules for Aging: A Wry and Witty Guide to Life” by Roger Rosenblatt –

“Only a person with the hide of an elephant could really pay no attention when such an enemy is relentlessly firing insults and slinging mud. Who would not feel some slight hurt, if only because someone exists who is consumed with the desire to bring you low? Here—as in so many rules of aging—the trick is to do absolutely nothing.

Nothing is everything. Ignore your enemy or kill him. If you pay no attention to him, he may not slink away, but he will grow increasingly desperate, increasingly incoherent, and (best of all) increasingly unhappy. The happier your life, the more miserable his. The truth is, that people of this peculiar stripe are their own worst enemy (admittedly, they have some heated competition), and it constitutes one of life’s delights to watch them go at themselves with all the bitterness and disappointment of which they are composed. To enjoy this, however, one must never give them a scintilla of assistance.”
“You are his obsession, and he is merely a bark in the night. The idea is not to care—not to pretend that you don’t care”

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