Tribal wars and fiscal policy

Pretend your superiors take their position seriously.

Economic advantage is believed to be provided by a “cleansing” operation.

However, there is a selective process. What if “fiscal policy” went further than priority on birthing male children?

What if, in fact, genocide is selected for all members of the family–except the male off to do business elsewhere.

What if: one hundred thousand Jews died in Seattle rather recent years–most of which were male Jews.

Does the gun under constitutional law something to have.

If ever used, you’ll need to know the Law. Learn self-defense Law language, talk to paralegals, read on assault Law, assault with instrument Law, assault with firearm Law, assault with a deadly weapon Law, attempted manslaughter, manslaughter. Serial homocide.

Read on suicide Law. LOOK at self-defense Law. KNOW what is chargeable Law language. And what is correct language Law for building your defense.

If you buy a gun–or alleged assault in any way: know the pros and cons of Law language before you act. This way you can determine if your behavior is Law compliant, or criminal behavior.

Abraham Boulder

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