Wig-wam salient in applied communist/fascist psychotic ESP, even more salient by post-mortem common un-consciousness rearing in Wig-wam personal, private unconscious

Is this guy dominant in Totalitarianism camps?

Will he overwhelm our private, personal unconsciousnesses, not as a “little voice” nudging you one way or another; but as a source of anxious foreboding likened to the occult practicing sorcery in which many of the dead at a specific location, are reared by Wig-wam in affective common unconscious perverteda glee.

And effect is this time not so much centered on your feeling rearing by Wig-wam on your person, as also involved in rearing of post-mortem unconsciousness of a group at the same location, he saliently apparently communicates simultaneously as a fascist leader voicing himself in ESP-like commands to the “masses.”

Abraham Boulder

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