Hey, do you have a minute?

In what way is the Noble Savage, PCB indispensable despite alleged serial murders?!

Family relations could do without this crude, alleged sense of humor, ‘oft cited and always: allegedly sick.

To what religion does he allegedly deify himself, to be worshipped by billions eyeing his alleged impunity.

Does he really think himself a God, sickest of the sick, loved by all through his many disorders.

DSM5 says he can be salient deep down with me. I’m picking up, for example: (1) personality disorder; (2) obsessive-compulsive disorder; (3) delusion; (4) psychoses (too much subconscious clutter), and popular schizophrenia; i.e.,, (5) very, very acute anti-social brain disorder.

Even if these classifications are only working diagnoses, they involve someone that allegedly gets the attention of millions or billions of people as a Disruptor.

How much money and how many lives are sacraficed to this person’s impediment to top productivity.

Productivity necessary for the winning edge, and to live!

Leading our demise and deifying himself to stand-down law officers looking to rid ourselves of someone allegedly capable of killing himself (protect him from himself, if that is the case) and allegedly killing others, if this is more than dark ruminations, better seen in the light of day (optimistically).

Do we write off our concern?!

Abraham Boulder

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