Where the sense of power lies

In a valueless society, where no fair evaluation exists of value in what we are doing, world leadership holds onto power by impressing strength on the common unconscious of it’s constituents through acts of necromancy.

It is the ultimate Tao Chi in that it feels great and superior in strength to leaders who gather and transform these feelings from the misery and oppression of the general population.

They then hold a Faustian position for genocide, saying it’s the “Christian” thing to do, under the belief they will accumulate years of life (50, 100, 150 more years of living) similar to the movie Dune when the captives’ life juices were spilled out of his body to the ecstacy of his oppressor.

Opoid abuse causes an imbalance in natural aggression, increasing it many times over because the person no longer feels natural suffering.  It is a Nazi natural imbalance of Aryan creed that becomes behavioral science of desire to end the world through sex-until-we-drop, then-more-and-more some.

Abraham Boulder

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