It’s time to go home.

WQ wisdom intelligence vs. wisdom foolery incl./ Aryan Creed as Tao Chi Qi to Nazi imbalances of genocide involving mechanical logic Q.E.D. Very high IQ low WQ. Nasi Qi univeresal vital life energy force (Big Bang “static” energy and gravity energy force–repulsive).

PCB Aryan Nazi delusional confused, ignorant, sadist, homicidal psychopath. Flagrant skirting of the law very serious crimes that entertain the authorities as juvenile delinquincy.

Ponzi scheme. It’s payup time and the House is closed. There’s no money because everything is over. They’ve gone home and left you holding an empty bag. One or two winners. Everyone else big-time losers. I am presently: at home.

The only actual proceeds are redeemed from long-term investments. You work to create the future. You gain real value on your investments from the productivity you do.

PCB continues to denigrate me because he is a leader of a Ponzi scheme. He doesn’t hate me–he hates everyone including himself. He just abuses opoids so that he is Mr. Good. Good at destroying people’s lifetime of work. To tip the scales for wrong-doing by our top leaders.

Hobbesian logic argues, “it’s tough enough to be good to deliver the goods.” We don’t need his cheerleading for us to continually fail so he has a laugh or two. It’s tough enough to accept your own pitfalls when praise is lacking for the good work that you do.

Enough with him! Be off and leave me alone and away from me. Get away. Stay away.

Abraham Boulder

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