Air Force: stuff this in your computer!

By God, write the third holy book of love in Jesus’s name that speaks of the idea of destiny that takes us on the journey of a millennium years old per person.

For now we have only Faustian dreams perpetuated by a Nazi imbalance and the worship of death and wholesale slaughter to suspend complete bodily death of our elders.

They pray for continued personal action post-mortem hoping vainly that they can be the dead arising from prophesy of old, as a result of medical science progress.

We need to emphasize Dr Weil’s assertions that we have no reversal of old age or fountain of youth, although we can personally control our aging process given that we avoid major toxic overspill into the environment which is now a public, private concern and imperative (50-state initiative, if you will) and no longer a public, Federal governmental concern.

Pressure the environmental groups to spend less time and money on policy-for-influence, keeping our fight in the courts for a healthy ecosystem, and start immediately private governorship and good-to-great stewardship by charitable contributions to environmental groups taking up the initiative to pilot public concerns and issues with environmental health by private means.

Keep us alive! Pilot! Stewardship! Action. Direction.

Abraham Boulder

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