Are we overlooking something, perhaps: on purpose?

Fudging on errors of margin.

Is physics leaning to China, on the one hand (from the West Coast) and the Soviet, on the other hand (from the East Coast).

Aside from Anchorage. How ’bout an apple?

The problem of margin of errors. What got us to the Moon may be too big for getting us to Mars

Private sector has a natural equilibrium in trade. Natural large-body physics has natural phenomena as well (besides human biology). Communist control (an unnatural organizing principle) metaphysically, seen in margins of errors studied on supercoomputers has pull to an inaccurate reading of natural phenomenae.

Given that the human system in both Communism and the private sector have margins of error as a result of the the human organism, say we are ignorant in one emerging area of physics, and fudge to accommodate order: do we have a problem with structural integrity of spacecraft that entails greater and greater cracks to it’s skin?

To solve that problem, the ship will need a metal-based paint job along it’s journey.

What about precision of tools, or the nature of electronics?

What, beside the human factor, is the spread in readings on margin of error in communist controlled physics’s sectors and the private one?

Can we engage in scientific experiments to answer that question? Will you?

Is the private sector too small (with goverments investing in private enterprise)? Is the percentage of ownership in the private sector by goverments too great to get a natural reading on natural phenomenae using quantum computers?

Abraham Boulder

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